• in pre-production time:
    selecting, testing and tuning according to technical requirements all equipment for the whole shooting process: cameras, monitors, dollies and cranes, light, etc. including minimum of sound recording equipment like for News crews;

  • in the production period:
    Director of Photography;
    Camera Operator;
    Light Master
    and Audio Recordist – especially in cases with News crews;
    Still Photographer on set;

  • in post-production period:
    sorting-out and row editing of footage;
    final editing with audio dubbing and minimum of colour correction;
    quality and with re-compression copying, archiving and transferring a material through the Internet or special radio-channels TV system;

  • training:
    Light: devices and stands; type; outdoor light correction; indoor light set-up;
    Optic: luminosity and aperture; focal length and angle of view – fixed and zooms;

  • language Ukrainian and/or Russian – natives:
    – translation for movies from English including slang;
    – verification and correction of all labels in the frame;
    – subtitling;
    – adaptation Russian or Ukrainian texts translated from any other languages;
    – training of any complexity pronunciation for actors

additional information:
Languages: English, Ukrainian, and Russian

memo for clients:

Notes: site under a process of filling with video-photo and other materials

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