• in pre-production time:
    selecting, testing and tuning all the equipment for the whole shooting process: cameras, monitors, dollies and cranes, light, etc. according to technical requirements;
    minimum of sound recording equipment – like for News crews;

  • in the production period:
    Director of Photography;
    Camera Operator;
    Light Master
    and Audio Recordist – especially in cases with News crews;
    Still Photographer on set;

  • in post-production period:
    sorting-out and row editing of footage;
    final editing with audio dubbing and minimum of colour correction;
    quality and with re-compression copying, archiving and transferring a material through the Internet or special radio-channels TV system;

  • training:
    Light: devices and stands; type; outdoor light correction; indoor light set-up;
    Optic: luminosity and aperture; focal length and angle of view – fixed and zooms;

  • language Russian and/or Ukrainian – natives:
    – translation for movies from English;
    – verification and correction of all labels in the frame;
    – subtitling;
    – adaptation Russian or Ukrainian texts translated from any other languages;
    – training of any complexity pronunciation for actors

additional information:
available in Canada, need visa for USA;
fluent speaker of English, Russian and Ukrainian

memo for clients:

Memo for all:

The doctor said:
– My dear, the good news is that I can save you from your headaches at last. The bad news is that this will require castration. You have a very rare condition, due to which your balls press on the lower part of the spine, and this pressure causes you a terrible headache. The only way to reduce this pressure is to remove the balls.

The guy was in despair. But there was no choice, and he agreed to go under the scalpel …

When he left the hospital, for the first time in 20 years, he did not suffer a headache, but he did not leave the regret of the lost part of himself. He decided that he needed to start a new life. Guy saw a men’s clothing store and thought: “Should I buy a new suit?”
He went into the store and told the seller:
– I would like a three-piece suit.
An elderly salesman gave him a quick look and said:
– So … Height 174.
Guy laughed:
– True, how do you know?
– 60 years in business!
Guy tried on a suit – it was fit …
While the guy was admiring himself in the mirror, the seller asked:
– How about a new shirt?
Guy agreed …
The seller looked at the guy and said:
– So. 34 sleeves and 16 and a half neck.
And again guy was surprised:
– True, how do you know?
– 60 years in business!
Guy tried on a shirt, and it fitted perfectly! When the guy straightened his collar in front of the mirror, the seller asked:
– Maybe you need new shoes?
Guy liked this idea. The seller looked at the customer and said:
– So … 9 + ½ E
The guy was shocked:
– True, how do you know?
– 60 years in business!
Guy tried on shoes, and they fitted. He walked around the store, and the seller asked:
– And underwear?
Guy agreed … The seller took a step back, looked at guy’s waist and said:
– So … Size 36.
Guy burst out laughing:
– Haha! So I caught you! I have been wearing the 34th since I was eighteen!
The seller shook his head:
– You cannot wear the 34th. The 34th size of underwear will squeeze your balls to the lower part of the spine, and you will have a terrible headache.

Work with experienced professionals will save your time, effort and possibly will save something more…

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